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Whisky blogs are everywhere now, I swear there are more blogs than brands, however we think this CAN be a good thing if everyone is in it for the love of the liquid.

A lot of  Whisky blogs have a different tone, a different style and a different take on Whisky, so we are only to happy to point you at a list of Whisky blogs if we think you may like them.

Obviously we take no responsability for anything people write on their Whisky blogs or what visitors do once they are on the other whisky blogs.  This is just a list of people who write about whiskies and the surrounding topics.

So… lets see this list!

We thought we would lead by example and publish a few of  sites we know to start with. If you want to be in the list just let us know:


Reviews, News and Editorial

  • Run By Dan and James.
  • Launched early 2010.
  • Covers all aspects of whisky they find interesting.

Website Address

Email: info@whiskytimes.co.uk

Tweet: @whiskytimes

Facebook: Whisky times Page

Grants Blog (Ludo)

Grants Official Brand Blog

  • Written By Grants Global ambassador Ludo
  • Comments Section
  • Covers Grants company news

Website Address

Email: grantswhisky@grantswhisky.com

Tweet: @grantswhisky

Facebook: Facbook: grantswhisky

Whisky Israel

General Whisky Blog from Israel

  • Written by Gal Granov
  • Friendly Twitter user
  • Jazz lover, Whisky Fanatic and Software geek

Website Address

Email: Contact Page

Tweet: @galg

Facebook: Facebook Page

Dr Whisky

Just what the doctor ordered

  • Written by Dr Whisky (Sam Simmons)
  • Blogger based Blog
  • Born on July 2006
  • Calls blogs Malt Missions

Website Address

Email: doctorwhisky@gmail.com

Tweet: @dr_whisky

Facebook: Facebook Page

Whisky Advocate Blog

Formerly “what does john know?”

  • Written by Whisky Advocate Publisher John Hansell
  • Popular blog
  • Active comment section

Website Address

Email: john@whiskyadvocate.com

Tweet: @JohnHansell

Facebook: Facebook Page

Cask Strength

Whisky Writers and Tasters

  • Respected and trusted
  • Arrange Whisky Tasting
  • They help big brands
  • Written by Neil & Joel

Web Site Address

Email: info@caskstrength.net

Tweet: @weheartwhisky

Facebook: Facebook Page

Whisky Market Place

Whisky Search Tool by Connosr

  • Written by Stuart Robson
  • Find Whisky Cheap
  • Compare the Prices

Website Address


Google+: Google Plus Page