About whisky times

About us

Dan and James were fellow co-workers who reside in the London and the South West respectively. Discovering the delights of single malt whisky around the same time opened up a door to hazy and magical world. Stepping through this door led them down many paths one of which resulting in this blog.

Initially Both Dan and James would have been the first to admit they really have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Whisky. As odd it may have seemed this was probably one of their greatest assets when reviewing Whiskys. Unbias, unblinkered and ready to learn they invited you to join them on a fantastical Single Malt fueled Journey.

They aim to provide a no-nonsense, non-commercial, guide to the accessible whiskys, some of the not so accessible and maybe, just maybe the impossibles. As well as slamming back the drams Dan and James will be sampling some of their other favorite beverages while smoking a pipe or two and taking the odd whisky photo.

Since then, Dan in particular has grown into a ‘known’ blogger, expanded his knowledge considerably and has learned that the more you learn the less you know! Having been flown to islay, invited to film pre-screening, and generally becoming consumed and engrossed in the Whisky world Dan is now more than happy to engage with Brands, bloggers and to help people out wherever he can.


Over the last year and a half we have been really pleased to see lots of people visiting the site and enjoying the stuff we write. The response to WhiskyTimes has been amazing and you can see below we are going from strength to strength in this little hobby adventure of ours.

If you think you can help in any way the guys would love to hear from you. Just remember Whisky times = Good Times (Ed: *vomit*).