London Cocktail Week and Woodford Reserve

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Thats the pitch by drink up London, a London focused cocktail, wine and whisky site.

Warning: If you are not in London, or can’t get here, and you don’t care about what things are going on, you might want to skip this one.

I’m not a huge event goer, but recently I’ve been feeling a little less grumpy recently, and a little more willing to engage with “People”, so i’ve been going out a bit more these days.

The first reason I’m posting this event here is because the Tuesday night features probably my favourite bar on earth Night Jar. The second reason is because I’ve not had a lot of experience with Woodford Reserve and its an opportunity to try their whisky with an experienced ‘master class’ (i have no idea why a short intro is called a master class BTW – its must be because the guy leading it is a master?) leader.

Anyway, here is the info about whats going on right from the horses mouth.

Each evening Woodford Reserve will partner with two leading bars, one from London and one international, combining the best-loved elements of each bar in one venue. Compare the pencil portraits and modern cocktails of New York’s Suffolk Arms with the wooden panelling and punch style drinks of London’s award winning The Punch Room … And that’s just Wednesday evening. Each night the dressing, experience, staff and bar menu will change, with the drinks list including two of each bar’s most iconic Woodford Reserve drinks. Light bites, based on the bars’ menus, will be served,whilst specially curated music playlists from the bars run through the evening.

On Tuesday consumers will be treated to a partnership between London’s epochal hidden away speakeasy, Nightjar and Stockholm’s New Orleans-inspired Little Quarter. Wednesday will host TimeOut’s ‘Bar of the Year’ 2016, The Punch Room, with New York’s Lower East Side cocktail bar, inspired by the typical British pub, The Suffolk Arms. Finally, Thursday will pair the quirky and experimental Peg + Patriot, with the rich history of Amsterdam’s finest offering, The Tailor.

The events will take place at the White Rabbit Studios, 471-473, The Arches, Dereham Place, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3HJ on Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October from 5pm.

Other events

During LCW, there are a Tonne of awesome events going on, if you like going out doors and chatting to people about drinks, or whatever, then it 100% worth a look.

Here is  link to some of the other stuff going on at LCW:


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