Whisky Advertising as it Should be.

on Oct 29 in Editorial, Scottish, Single Malt Whisky, Speyside by dan

Let me start by saying I hate interruptive advertising with a passion that would stagger the average person. Think Carl Pilkington on steroids! The advertising industry needs to wake up, modernise, and stop relying on decades old advertising techniques.

With that said, while I was trying to watch a owl city city music video (yes I listen to owl city! so what!?) I was forced to sit through 5 seconds of advertising hell… or at least thats what I expected it to be, but Glenfiddich blew my mind. I even clicked there advert link!

Marketing companies take note, if you are going to advertise to me, it needs to be at least as awesome as this:

If you plan on interrupting me, and millions of others with ‘pre-roll’ ads, The VERY LEAST you can do is make it TV quality, produce something worth watching – like this.

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