Whisky Skateboards and Other Cool whisk(e)y Bits

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Being a Journalist, whisky blogger, whisky drinker with a keyboard, I get approached by quite a lot of various companies telling me all about the latest ‘news’ in whisky land, which quite often equates to a new release, or yet another limited edition bottle… and sometimes they are actually quite interesting, but more often then not they are a bit… same’y.

Some of the better ones recently I wanted to share were:

Jameson’s Cask Mates collaboration with Beavertown brewery, which should be out now or soon.
Caskmates bottle of whiskey and Beer

This was a quirky Whiskey and Beer pairing, where I believe some mad hatted maturation had gone on between the whisky and the beer barrels

Crown Royal, a blended Canadian whisky, got in touch about officially starting to sell their rather nice whisky in the UK which was good news for their fans, and me as I very much enjoy their whisky.

crown royal available in the uk

However the was one person who approached me and instantly got my attention.

Whisky Skateboards!!!

This is probably the coolest piece of whisky news I’ve come across this year. Not just because i’m a fan of anything made of casks, like this flooring, or because I’m making a whisky stave clock myself.

“I am a furniture maker in Argyll Scotland and managed to get myself a lot of retired whisky barrel staves. I was looking for ways to make good use of them and decided to make some skateboards. I’ve got two different sizes and after working out any flaws I’ve started selling them. They’re going pretty well and I’ve had quite a bit of interest.

I’m trying to get them out there and would like to get on board with a distillery who would value the skateboard crowd. I’m new to whisky and didn’t realise it was as big a deal as it is, I knew it was big but it is ridiculous how crazy people go for whisky. I love it.”

Niel McKinlay

So even though Neil did specifically ask for me to cover his creation on the site, could hardly not!

This is an awesome product. If you are a distillery marketing, innovation or PR person, you need to get on this.

Check out his site for more info: http://www.calebandtaylor.co.uk/

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