Tudor Ice Launches an Ice Revolution on Kickstarter

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America’s oldest ice company is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a patent-pending new angle on premium ice that is clean, slow-melting and pure: And It’s almost 100% funded!

MIAMI (October 20, 2015) – The 209 year old ice company originally founded by “IceKing” Frederic Tudor recently launched a Kickstarter campaign giving early backers access to its revolutionary new product – the Tudor Ice Block.

Designed for premium drinking experiences, Tudor Ice’s product address a void in the beverage industry as most cubes are small, tend to melt quickly and are more often than not contaminated with bacteria. In a recent study commissioned by Tudor, one in four restaurants tested proved to have unsafe levels of bacteria in their Ice. Tudor’s unique packaging solves the issue in addition to reducing dilution due to its unique size and shape allowing consumers to preserve the integrity of the spirits they consume. The product complements crafted cocktails and high-end, single-pour spirits, such as single malts and aged scotches.

“We just recently started testing early prototypes with select customers. The response so far has been phenomenal.”

said Nestor Villalobos

the new CEO of the Tudor Ice Company. “When we first set out to develop the concept I had no idea how customers would react. Luckily, customers are accepting the product with

Tudor Ice’s revolutionary, premium ice will build on the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that defined the legacy of the Tudor name. Known as the ‘Ice King,’ Frederic Tudor was the first person to ever ship ice abroad for sale, in effect creating the commercial ice industry. Tudor shipped his first ice cargo from Boston to Martinique in 1806. Through innovations in packing, storing and harvesting, Tudor Ice was sold throughout India, Europe and the Caribbean. Some have said that people didn’t know how much they needed ice until Tudor showed them. Exporting ice was such a successful business that by the late 1800’s ice was the second largest export behind cotton.

Frederic Tudor’s great-great-great grandson, Peter McCook and his wife, branding expert Jacqueline McCook, are both shareholders and brand advisors in the revitalized company.

“Tudor Ice’s new premium ice products will bring new meaning to the Tudor name. As it stands, the company is poised to disrupt the aging ice market.”

“Not since my great-great-great grandfather first shipped ice to Martinique in 1806 has anyone taken such a great leap forward in ice innovation.”

Said Peter McCook.

For more information, visit http://tudorice.com/kickstarter. Or, if you would like to schedule an interview with Nestor, email press@tudorice.com or send them a tweet @TudorIce.

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