Rare Malts Edition Brora 58.7% 1972 22yo Whisky For Sale

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Quite often we have people asking us “how do i sell my whisky online”, “I inherited this bottle of whisky is it worth anything”. And more often then not its a bottle which holds far more sentimental value in comparison to the actual cash value. To these people I say “hang on to your bottle, and the memories, or perhaps make it a treasured family gift”.

Sometimes I offer to put people in touch with some collectors, which is quite time consuming but can be regarding if everyone gets what they want… a luxury whisky, and a decent price for there bottle for sale.

Now what i am going to to is start simply posting those whiskies as a page, and inviting people to get in touch… no commission, no business interest… just helping connect folks who are passionate about whisky.

Here is The first such example:

Brora Rare Malts Edition 58.7% 1972 22 yo

I am an avid malt whisky fan but find I have too many bottles to keep. Among the whiskies I am looking to pass on is a bottle of Brora 58.7% 1972 22yo which is part of the “Rare Malts” editions.

Th retail price is £3500 or thereabouts but I know that few connoisseurs could pay that so I am looking for around 2/3rds of that . Would anyone be interested?



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