Whisky Valuation Challenge #1

on Dec 11 in Editorial by dan

Test your Knowledge and Help a Each other

Quite often at people ask for information and valuations of the whisky that has come there way, one way or another. So I thought it would make an interesting regular feature to ask you the great and all knowing readers of WhiskyTimes for you input.

Can you Name and Price these beauties?

This first collection comes from a Scottsman we shall call Mr R, and contains some nice bottles which were sequestered in a loft for a number of years. Now they are here for you appreciation.

Put your musings in the comments please for all to see. If you want to offer Mr R something for the collection or bottles, we can put you in touch, just get in touch.

There you Go Let us know what you think and help out MR R.

FYI the photo’s are sometimes better than this, but not that often. haha. GoodLuck.

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