ALDI Releases 30 yo Glen Orrin (40%)

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December 4th – you may be pleased to hear they can secure yourself a bottle of Aldi’s Glen Orrin 30 yo Whisky, which goes in-store on 8th December 2013. This gem is a third of the price of other 30-year-old blended Whiskies, at £54.99.

Aged in oak casks since 1982, this “rare” whisky is said to have a rich and complex nose with deep vanilla oakiness and delicate spices.  A grain whisky blends perfectly with the vibrant fruity and floral notes from single malts. Complex flavours of fruitcake, honey and oak tannin are enveloped in a vanilla sweetness, with a velvety smooth mouthfeel and an exceptionally long and sweet finish.

Glen Orrin Aldi Whisky

Aldi tested the appetite for the Whisky last year by selling it exclusively to the Scottish market and due to its massive popularity, is now rolling out across the UK. This forms part of Aldi’s Super Premium Range for Christmas which is set to lure shoppers from high end drinks stores in favour of Aldi’s quality premium offerings at much lower prices.

With tremendous reviews, Glen Orrin 30-year-old Scotch Whisky will come in a specially designed presentation tube making it the ideal gift for any whisky aficionados this Christmas. Bottles will be delivered to each store and demand is likely to be high.

Here is a link to Aldi’s Glen Orrin 15 page:

And here is a review of the 30 yo from the nice chaps at

The good news

The good news is that it seem like they are selling this whisky in the regular fashion rather than a camp outside a store from 4am, like they did last time we heard about there premium whisky offering. So in theory you can just nip to the shop and grab a bottle… Nice!

The bad news

I seems like it was only £49.99 in Scotland, but it will be £54.99 in England.

I’m still actually tempted though… for once, how about you?


  • Neil Jones says:

    I contacted Aldi customer services and they have said the 2 shops closest to me (New Ferry & Ellesmere Port) are only getting 7 bottles each, so maybe will sell out very quickly.

  • Iain Sanderson says:

    Had the third last bottle from the Bridgend store this morning. It wasn’t on display it was under the counter by the checkout because I quote “it is very expensive”

  • Robert says:

    I’d heard the hype about Aldi’s festive gestures. So there I was on Sunday morning as I rolled up to Aldi Kingsbury at 9.55am. To my horror there were already 30+ people waiting in a disorderly queue at the door. Surlely all those people couldn’t be after the 6 bottles of Glen Orrin that Aldi were stocking? I had phoned up Aldi a few days earlier to find out about the supply (which was surely going to outweigh the demand). At 10.00am on the dot, the doors opened and there was a semi-scramble. The search was on for the whisky. I finally found the whisky section, but was then directed to another area of the shop where the offers were. Another gentleman was also in search of the 30-year old whisky. This didn’t look promising. I now had a competitor, and we made polite conversation as the search continued. I found out that he only wanted two bottles. At last the ONE box of six bottles was brought to us at the checkout, and in fact there were only 5 bottles. My new whisky friend took two and I took the remaining three. On closer inspection, this Glen Orrin was a Blended Scotch Whisky, no mention of single malt, but a big ‘three zero’. So I had gone to all this trouble, and was not going to leave the store without making the purchase. I also could not resist 2 bottles of Glen Marnoch @ £18.00 each (actually the last two bottles this Aldi branch had in stock), just to fill up my box. Just to note, the other shoppers seemed more interested in cheap medication! As I left the shop (kind of regeretting I had not picked up a couple of bottles of Glen Orrin 5 yr old @ £13), I overheard someone asking about the whisky and he was told that it had sold out. All that’s left to do is to taste the stuff, or keep in order to hopefully appreciate in value. Forget bullion, silver, platinum, art pieces by Banksy, shares in Royal Mail, … whisky is now a serious investment (well, that’s what I told my wife anyway!).

  • Neil Jones says:

    I got mine from Ellesmere Port, as expected only 6 bottles in store, most of the queue where after the cheap tablets (computers not medicinal), also used a £5 off voucher from the newspaper in the week so £49.99 at bottle.

    BTW I bought a couple of bottles of the Gen Marnoch 18 year last week and can recommend at £24.99 a bottle.

  • Brian says:

    Got to the new Bishop’s Stortford store at 9.45 on Sunday to get my bottle and was first there, then all of a sudden a few people turned up, but luckily they were all after the £79 tablets.

    Asked two members of staff about the Glen Orrin but nobody knew a thing, then from the store-room came the box of 6 for that store.

    Picked up the 12 year old the other week which is very nice, so have high hopes for this one.

  • Darran says:

    Got two bottles of glen orrin 30 for sale. Best place to do this??

  • Carson Moore says:

    Message for Neil jones….is that you? The Neil from Whitby School? How was the Whisky? I got the Glenbridge a couple of years ago. Have you tasted the 30year old or are you keeping it?

  • Neil Jones says:

    Hi there, no I’m from the Wirral, have not tasted it yet but will post notes on here when I do, you were very lucky to get the Glenbridge in 2011 hope it lived up to the expectations, the reviews were certainly good.

    • carson Moore says:

      Still got the Glenbridge! – 2 Actually! Went to the New Aldi In Chester today about 3pm…They still had 3 Bottles of the 30 year old left! Might go back tomorrow!

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