Old Colony Pale Ale (5.3%)

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Today I excitedly unboxed my first ever order from Beers of Europe, and pulled out this Deacon John Ales “American style pale ale” by 8 Sails Brewery UK. The multi-location nature of this bottle left me a little bewilldered but eventually i recovered enough to find there web address for you:

http://www.8sailbrewery.co.uk/ – it ain’t pretty mind!

You can’t help but get exicited when you see this being delivered:
beers of europe box

So what does the bottle look like? Well I kind of like the label, its got a simple charm to it, even if its a little cheesy to print age related marks around the edge to give it an olde world feel. It evokes the days of colonisation of the america’s and even says on the bottle that the beers was made to celebrate the historical links between Lincolnshire and the early American settlers. there is a nice little story on the bottle if you ever want to read it about Deacon John.

Old colony pale ale

Old Colony Review

Its been a long time since we have done a beer review, and even longer since I had a beer that has a nose that jumps out of the bottle and lifted my mood instantly with its awesomeness. The nose gives you biscuity malt by the boat load (pun intended), it smells fresh. energetic and delicious. In the nose there is also a note of soft but well defined hops.

On first tasting it, before my buds get loaded up with bitterness I can taste a tangable pineapple like flavor which is suprising and welcome in the long finish. initially old colony under delivers on the swert malt compaired to the nose, but then after a few sips (sups?) you realise that, this is becuase they have somehow brewed using ninja hops which sneak up on you building into a bitterness you didnt realise was there untill its right at the back of your mouth giving you the business! the sweetness is there it was just stealthily hidden by the bitterness. once you realise this you can enjoy this well balanced, fresh and flavorful pale ale.

I really would buy this again; too many pale ales are watery and under deliver, this one brings all the delcious plump flavours of a hardcore IPA without any of the vicious overpowering hops some associate with that kind of american IPA.

TLDR: This is a beer I would buy and drink again and in volume (drinking responsibly). It’s reasonably priced and delivers where so many other fall short on flavour. 8/10 for this celebration of joint heritage with our state-side brothers and sisters.

Maybe a top 10 beer for me personally.

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