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on Oct 25 in Editorial by dan

This week I’ve invited a friend of Whiskytimes to share with you their interesting story.


Craft Distilling Academy has found a niche, weekend distilling classes for a price people can afford. Owner, Josh Bayne, says, “We don’t discount the longer more expensive classes, they are vital for the development of the distilling Industry. But why do people need to invest over $1000 and an entire week to get involved in the industry?” Josh is speaking to classes which are typically centered on a very specific type of spirit and is geared towards people who are already in the business.

Craft Distilling Academy has filled a gap in the market. Where do people go who are interested in opening a distillery but not enough to invest a couple thousand dollars? Where do people go when they can’t afford to take a week off their current job to go to a rather expensive distilling course? Josh says, “Come to us!”.

We offer education on all the major fundamentals of the art of distilling.

CDA seems to touch on every point within the distilling process without diving in so deep that they might lose a beginner. Everything from equipment and fermentation to yeast nutrition and cutting, CDA hits on it to ensure a base is built on solid education and an understanding of the varying methods employed in the industry.

“The most often offered comment to me after a class is, ‘I no longer feel afraid of my still. I don’t think it’s going to blow up and I know how to use it in a safe manner.’ Our desire is to give you enough education that when you leave the class, distilling alcohol is no longer a mystery.” Josh seems to have figured it out, as in the last year they have seen over 200 students in 11 different locations across the US. Specializing in taking the “class to the people” is one of the reasons CDA has been so successful.

In November, CDA will celebrate their one year anniversary. If you want to join in the fun talk to them directly

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