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sullivans cove mature your own whisky

today we recieved an interesting email from the tasmania distillery guys Sullivans Cove

Imagine 20l of Sullivans Cove Single Malt maturing under your stairs in your own personally crafted oak cask….now imagine regularly taste-testing it, to monitor maturation of course….now imagine your delight in two years once it is ready for drinking…And now imagine sitting back in your favourite chair with a dram that you matured yourself…

That’s right…life really could not get better than this

Sullivans Cove

An interesting idea

It’s and interesting idea and undoubtedly great for the distillers at Sullivans Cove as they can shift some of there raw spirit into market befire they can even legally call it whisky. Despite my cynical heart when it comes to marketing and sales, I can see that, actually, this is the sort of thing I might actually enjoy myself.

So what do you get?

Each kit contains a custom made 20l oak barrel, 20l of “new make” single malt spirit at 63.4% cask strength, all the tools for the job as well as a branded Glencairn crystal decanter set in which to serve the fruits of your labour.

There is a choice of port, burbon or sherry wood to mature your whisky in, which is nice. I think i’d go for burbon to play it safe unless I knew more on the provenance of the barrels.

Helping the Little devils too:

Sullivans Cove is a very proud supporter of the Tarkine Devil Project and $1 of every bottle that you purchase here goes towards preserving Tasmania’s most iconic animal.

help me:

How much?

Prepare yourself for the full impact of the cost… are you ready?


You do get lots of nice little extras with your purchase like, all the tools for the job as well as a branded Glencairn crystal decanter set, and when you think about it, its actually a solid investment should you keep it for longer and mature it beyond the minimum period.

Make of it what you will, but this way of being involved in the whisky culture is fun, affordable (kind of) and more involved than just buying a bottle of the shelf.

here is the link to there page:

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