WhiskyTimes Moves to London

on Sep 12 in Editorial by dan

Thats right, whisky times is now in the Big Smoke!

Having been denied too many opportunities to participate in whisky events, Dan has thrown all his toys  out of the pram, upped sticks, and moved to London.

OK, OK, Dan hasn’t really moved to London only for the whisky events; Dan has moved to London to ply his trade in the nations capital, at central Victoria; But serendipity is a wonderful thing!

Whisky Bloggers / People in London

It was London where we first Met Marcin Miller, and the Brand Ambassador Ludo Ducrocq many moons ago; we have that being in London will give Dan plenty of opportunity to meet, greet and have a little treat with many new people, and many old friends too.

So, no more missing Product launches or sitting out events. WhiskyTimes is here and ready to rock London; So expect to see us around, and feel free to get in touch to arrange a dram.

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