A Serpent Stirs in the Smoky Shadows

on Mar 08 in Editorial, Scottish, Single Malt Whisky, whisky Industry news by dan

This morning a black package arrived in the post, it was held together with black tape, and contained a black envelope on a bed of black crushed paper.

Inside the envelope there was folded paper puzzle to figure out. upon completion it says:

A Serpent Stirs in the Smoky Shadows.

I’m not sure what highland park are up to, but it should be interesting to find out. I do have some of there new ‘warrior’ whiskies, which the must be related to, so I would presume these are related.


  • Tania says:

    It also says ‘all is not as it seems’ if you fold it over again like a magic box. I write on the occult as well as booze so initially I thought I’d been cursed and it was quite thrilled. Only whisky to follow, no bloodied goat’s head, ho-hum.

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