Chivas toasts ‘Chivalry Day’

on Feb 06 in Editorial by dan

It’s valentines day, and no self respecting company would miss an opportunity to market themselves to the gift market. Here we have Chivas’s offering in the form of a, what I actually think is well intentioned, if ill linked to the product, Valentines message:

Chivas is trying to bring life back to Valentine’s Day this year, calling on men to embrace ‘Chivalry Day’, a celebration of gentlemanly behavior we are sure would admire.

Brothers John and James Chivas founded Chivas grocery store in 1801, satisfying the fine tastes of the aristocracy of the Highlands with luxurious products. Among their following, Queen Victoria, took heed of their chivalrous approach, and awarded the Chivas brothers the Royal Warrant.

In the same chivalrous spirit, Chivas plans to reignite classically gallant, honorable acts this year, with a few simple steps this Valentine’s Day.

A Guide to Chivalry Day

1. The Tell-tale act of chivalry, the ‘Classic’: Holding open the door for your female acquaintance

2. Don’t let technology rule: Turn off your phone or any other device that could interrupt your date

3. Stand up for what you believe in: Always offer your seat up to a woman or anyone who might have a greater need for it

4. Wrap up warm: Offer your coat or jacket to the ladies

5. Raindrops shouldn’t fall on your head: carry the umbrella, not always easy, but always chivalrous

6. Watch your mouth: No swearing or crude language

7. Ladies first: Always serve any female guests first, whether it be food or drink

8. Be interested: Listen, ask questions, show an interest in what she has to say!

What do you think of this idea? is Chivalry dead? if so why? If you are a woman are you happy to be treated like this once in a while?

I’m not even sure the handsome and well mannered chaps in the luxury whisky community need to up our game; We are a nice bunch already are we not?

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