Buying and selling Whisky Privately Online

on Feb 25 in Editorial by dan

The web is reported to be a dangerous place to buy and sell anything privately, but I do think the whisky community ensures you wont go far wrong selling, buying and swapping whisky online away from retailers.

Recently I’ve had an experience of trading some bottles of whisky ‘person to person’ first hand, it was fun and safe, so I’d like to share that story with you.

Once upon a time… I had in my possession a bottle of whisky worth a few hundred pounds, because it was quite rare whisky. Putting my personal feelings about whether whisky if for drinking or ‘hording’ aside, I decided to sell. So, having ‘um’ed’ and ‘ah’ed’ I decided I wanted to sell the whisky to fund another passion of mine (sailing).

Following a little research I found three options to sell my whisky:

  • Auctioning
  • Finding a collector
  • Selling to a retailer

Auctioning whisky Online

At first the easiest option seemed to be to just send the bottle off to a whisky Auction, and let them do their thing. Take a small hit on fees and be done with it.


The great thing about this is that its is almost guaranteed to sell, it will probably go to a good home, and you literally post the whisky to them and forget about it.


As with all auctions there is risk. Risk that the bottle will go cheaply and risk of damage as the bottle will have to be posted multiple times. There is of course the fee’s too: though the fees seemed very reasonable to me.

Summary of Whisky Auctions

It seemed like a quick easy way to sell whisky, potentially in bulk. The fee’s are not too bad and even though there is risk there is also a chance your bottle may go for more than its worth too. Look to see what prices people have achieved in past auctions to get an idea of what to expect.

My advice is pick your timing well, dont sell your bottle when everyone else is selling the same thing too. Also once your bottle is up for auction, send the link to everyone you know in the whisky/drinks world to try and get some eyes on that auction.

I very nearly went down this route and I don’t think I would have regretted it one bit If I had. In-fact I may be putting up a bottle for auction later this year… when the timing is right.

Selling Privately Online

This is my preferred option for a number of reasons and is what I done in the end.

The whisky community is huge, and if even just the tip of the iceberg is online, you can still get in touch with hundreds, if not thousands, of private collectors online.

My experience was to talk to a few upstanding members of the community such as @whiskycollector, or @whiskyinvestor and firstly talk to them and ‘make friends’. Following this the conversation invariably moved on to whisky, collecting, buying selling etc; this is where the important process happens! Pay attention because this is key:

These people on twitter/facebook etc can recommend their friends and peers as potential buyers…

tweet about selling whisky online

Let me tell you why this is important: Selling online can be tricky and dangerous, but it’s important not to be blinded by fear. A recommendation from a upstanding community member of the community tells you that the person you are dealing with is likely to be legit. And further if the collector recommended to isn’t on twitter et al, you can usually get a introduction from the person doing the recombination.


  • Best Price
  • Get Community Peer approved contacts
  • Meet new collectors and make new friends


The same as any private transaction:

  • Make sure money clears before sending
  • be careful of fakes

Selling to a retailer

This is the option I only very briefly considered. If you have something you want rid of, and you wont get a good price at auction, and you can’t find a private whisky buyer, then maybe you can sell the bottle to a retailer at a cut down price.


Get rid of a bottle quickly.


The retailer has to make a markup on the price they buy from you, so you will not get a good price compered to selling privately. If you can’t sell the bottle, then they may struggle to too, meaning they are not going to pay you top price. The only hope is that they have a wider reach than you to help them sell it, and they need to do that at a profit. So maybe just consider drinking the bottle and enjoying it instead.

Selling whisky Online

I am the kind of guy who refuses to buy a car from a dealer, I will go for a private sale every time. I believe in people, and in the past I’ve been burned. However

This excerpt from an excellent poem describes my feelings with finesse:

Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Further Info:
Whisky investor Kindly pointed out the guys at Mulberry Bank Auctions, Mr Kruger @ and Scotch Whisky Auctions for selling. “We have dealt with them all in the past and they are excellent to deal with.”


  • Anton Thornhill says:

    Would like to get a value on a bottle of J.Walker 15Year Pure Malt its a 1L bottle I think its about 10 years old and in very good condition


  • Dale Martin says:

    Hi there, would it be possible to tell me the value of a very rare special edition Ben Wyvis malt whisky? Hasn’t been touched, very good condition and is contained in a box which is also in very good condition

  • Scott Redfern says:

    Hi there… could you possibly give me a valuation on an 18 year old 70cl bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold label? The discontinued one.


  • Kevin says:

    I have about 30 bottles if whisky I am looking to sell chivas royal salute ruby ,green,blue and a older green ,macallan black label , to name a few can someone point me in the right direction I have found some of prices between £25 – £100 but not sure to look at selling them.

  • barry says:

    hi i have a rare bottle of pappy van winkels 23 years old i whould like to pls contact me back thanks

  • Charles Munro says:

    Have for sale :-( 1) Dalmore selene , bottle number 6
    (2) Dalmore Candella , bottle number 6
    (3) Dalomore Candella ,bottle number 1.

  • Anna says:

    Hello I haveany bottles of vintage whiskey. Dating between ’60s and ’70s.
    Mainly McGuinness. Schenley. Canadian club. Silver wedding. Gold tassel. And much more
    If interested. Please contact me at

  • Andy says:


    I have a got a bottle of Springbank 21 years old 75cl Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky that I would like to sell. It was given to me as a gift 28 years ago, but I’m not a whisky lover. Just
    Wondereing what it would be worth

    • G Pearson says:

      Andy I read your comments regarding your bottle of Springbank 21 yr old malt I have a similar bottle of 22 yr old the bottle has a black and white label I purchased mine in 1970s did you manage to sell yours can you please give me any information best regards.

  • David says:

    I have a small whiskey collection for sale, includes (4) 22 year old 1972 Glendullan malts. Please contact me for full list on 07970 022209 (based in yorkshire)

  • Jo williamson says:

    Hi I have a bottle of Old COMBER IRISH whiskywhich I would like to sell. It is guaranteed 30 years and pure pot still . Bought in Belfast ib 1988. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? My number is 07828597441 Thank you.

  • cyril says:

    I have an “Old Rip Van Winkle” 15 year 107 proof UNOPENED. According to emails from J. Preston VanWinkle himself it was bottle pre-2001 since the label say “Lawrenceburg KY”. Can someone give me a valuation? Any interest? Pics upon request.

  • Chris Rodbourne says:

    I have a bottle of whisky that was bottled by the original Barnsley Brewery that is at least 90 years old. It was released to comemorate a special event round about the 1900. It is in mint condition ad has a 70% proof rating on its label. I am wondering what the value of it would be, especially since Barnsley Brewery is no longer in business. Help & advice anybody

  • Ted says:

    Hello I have bottles of
    Vintage Benedictine Liqueur / 2 Part Bottle / Bot.1960s] . Orginal

    Vintage Marie Brizard 4 Chamber Bottle LIquor. Orginal

    If interested. Please contact me at:

  • Brendan Conlan says:

    Tamdhu 1968/06 39 yr/old 100/192.
    Middleton Rare 2000
    Glen grant 1956
    Tullibardine 1973
    Bladnoch 1974
    Bladnoch 1980
    Bruiladdich legacy series 6
    Port Charlotte 8
    Glen esk old & rare 31 year old
    Glen garioch 34 year old – 1968
    Bruiladdich cask (currently 8 years old)

    Hi some whiskies I have for sale contact if interested

  • Matt says:

    Hi I have a case of 6 , 2012 laphroaig cardias isle of sky origin all unopened and in sealed , box , having looked about no one has any for sale , but I’m open to offers , thanks

  • Gill Finnegan says:

    My husband is considering selling a retirement gift that he can’t bring himself to open. It is a rare bottle of Ardbeg 25 year old single malt whisky, Lord of the Isles. It is boxed and and in excellent condition. A local emporium traced only one for sale in London retailing for over £1100.00. He is open to sensible offers.

  • Peter says:

    I received a 1.75 Litre 40% (80 proof) 12 year old Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky (unopened in box) from my sister as she was cleaning out her house. I don’t drink, and frankly could use the money. Thank you for your time.

  • Albert says:

    I have a bottle of Brora 30 2007 and a bottle of Snow Phoenix if interested.

  • Pauline Thomson says:

    I have 21yrs old bottle of Whyte & McKay Gold Medallion whiskey in presentation box that I am looking to sell, can you give me a price for it.


  • Jon Rhodes says:

    Hi, based in Leeds, large collection Glenmorangie old bottlings for sale, if interested email me for full list,

    Prefer collection only, want them to go to someone who will appreciate them, unfortunately I have chrons and amnow gluten free.

    Thanks for reading, Jon.

  • Constantine Allen says:

    Dear colleagues

    I am based in Zurich, Switzerland and have two rarities up for sale:

    Glenlivit Whisky:
    Smith’s Glenlivet, distilled in 1955

    Glefiddich Whisky – Limited Edition 1973
    Private Collection – Hotel Waldhaus am See, St. Moritz Switzerland

    For both bottles, certification of origin and other supporting documentation available upon request.


  • Shelley says:


    Don’t know if anyone can advise me. I have 2 bottles of unopened Johnny Walker Whisky from the 50s – red label 70% proof, in the original JW tissue paper. Are they worth anything please?

  • George Weller says:

    I have two bottles of Irish Whisky one has been open but not touched and one is sealed both are in there original wooden boxes with the plaque on the lid of the box. They are from the Knappogue Castle Whisky, Co. Clare. B. Daly Distillery in Tullamore Ireland.
    Distilled in 1951, Bottled in 1987. This is now a non existent producer.
    I wish to sell them, and was hoping you could direct me to a buyer.

  • leon says:

    hi im looking to sell 2 bottles both sealed johnnie walker oldest and aberlour 1964 there both boxed

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