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The Brewdog bar in Bristol is doesn’t do hot drinks; But in many ways – it’s my #1 bar in the UK right now. I believe there are lots of people like me too, all of who will love Brewdog bars too.

Who/What is Brewdog in Three Paragraphs: otherwise I’d write all day

Brewdog started as two young-ish lads in Glasgow who set out make a great product, backed up with a belief in in a cause. In reality that cause was improving the quality of beer in the UK and exploiting a market gap, which was crying out for someone to come and help. In those days, crap beers ruled, the choice for quality product was limited and while real ale companies wanted to target a younger audience they didn’t have the understanding of the people or product that people wanted.

Brewdog were as likely to succeed as ‘night was to follow day’. They had a quality product that was made by the people who were ultimately their own target audience. So now they have moved into a larger brewery to meet the meteoric rise in demand.

Regardless of how or why, the fact is Brewdog now sell beer all around the world, and have become the de-facto poster child of Craft Beer in the UK. Now they are expanding aggressively into the world of ‘on licence’. With that in mind, I set off to Bristol to see what they have done in the Bar world to bring there success into the social world of bricks and mortar.

Brewdog Fanboy? Let it be known, I am a fan of Brewdog.

It would be easy to categorize me a Brewdog fanboy. However, I’d like to break that down and say: My positive attitude towards Brewdog is not driven by gut instinct or by peer pressure. I love Brewdog because I’ve applied my brain the situation and everything I see in brewdog makes fantastic sense. In other words “Brewdog’s marketing and branding is cool, but that is not WHY they are cool.

About the Bristol Brewdog Bar

To discover the Brewdog Bar, I took my missus to there twice in one day, once during the day and once after a nice Japanese meal.

Brewdog say:

Rebelling against monotony, Bristol’s vibrant street art scene creates the perfect backdrop to a UK-wide craft beer revolution.


Keep and eye out for this sign:
brewdog bristol exterior
It’s not what you would call ‘super central’ in the town, but then again did you expect it to be?


The Bar is attrative from the outside, on entering the first thing I notice is the smell, or lack there of. Most pubs have an unpleasant smell of one kind or another, Brewdog Bristol does not. The decor is a stripped back; bricks, metal and old fashioned looking warm glowing lights hanging from the ceiling in abundance.

The place is very well designed. The combination of wooded topped metal stools, with comunal seating, where you are encouraged to share a table with strangers (or new friends), all take me right back to school, but with beer this tome awesome!

Here is a crap photo I slyly took with my phone:
Brewdog Bristol interior

I found the lack of labels on the beer taps strange at first, but then the homemade chalk board’s showed me the way to what they had on. As it goes they had a brewdog/flying dog beer on I had which was very nice indeed. Like Punk IPA with a more malty focus.

I did like the Bristol branded glass and bar mat:
Beer and bar matbrewdog beer mat

The bar staff were friendly and helpful, and not bad on the eye. The place was busy all day/night but not ‘rammed out’.

The one thing that did irritate me was the lack of hot drinks for sale. My missus was a little ill and didn’t fancy a drink during the day. So failing beer she had a juice. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to install a kettle and buy some top notch tea. OK so they might want not to become a cliche coffee bar, but I’m sure with all your brain you can figure out a way to make a cuppa tea happen now and then without turning the bar into a cafe.

Beer Cocktails

I was a beer cocktail doubter, and expected to become a ‘hater’, but I figured you should try everything once and ordered two cocktails: Posh Punk and Hardcore Zombie. The woman who made them for me clearly liked these drinks hereself as she recomemended them to use and spent a lot of time and effort making them.

beer cocktail with lemon slice

They were both really nice. though im not sure how much beer was in them.


Anyway, the bar was amazing, the customer and staff were kind and welcoming.

Bottom line, the whole thing is really well put together, the beer selection was MASSIVE with beers from both Brewdog and guests (inc. port brewing, get in!) and I would drive for 1.5 hours and stay in a hotel again, to drink all day with old friends, and to probably make some new ones too. The music was at the right volume, and the bar didn’t have any loud mouth arseholes, which made me comfortable and safe.


How awesome can one place be? Bristol is amazing! With Brewdog and amazing culture Bristol really floats my boat. Here are some pictures of street art I came across:

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