Tasmanian Whisky Sullivans Cove Wins a Fist Full of Awards

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I’ve heard more and more about Sullivans Cove over the last 12 months. To be truthful I’ve not looked too hard into their Whisky very much, and its seems to be at my own detriment, as Sullivans Cove has won the coveted “The Sprits Business World Whisky Grand master Award 2012“.

In a press release Tasmania Distillery Pty Ltd have said that growth in demand for there spirits has caused them stock issues and they have now started to ration stock.

Tasmanian Single Malt Sullivans Cove has been named World Whisky Grand Master by the world’s leading drinks magazine, The Sprits Business.

This latest accolade builds on what has been a record year for the luxury Tasmanian Single Malt, which was named “Southern Hemisphere Whisky of the Year” by Jim Murray and “Australasian Distiller of the Year” at Dominic Roskrow’s Wizards of Whisky earlier this year.

Global appetite for Sullivans Cove has peaked sharply and the boutique distiller has been forced to place stock on allocation to ensure that it does not run out stock before the Whisky that it is currently producing is mature for bottling.

Speaking from London, judging panel chair and whisky commentator Neil Ridley said, “…Tasmania’s Sullivans Cove distillery created the biggest surprise of the day with their consistently well produced range of single malts.” Competition judge Shannon McCoy was especially impressed with Sullivans Cove’s offerings, remarking on their unique style compared to other international single malts.

Sullivans Cove’s Chief distiller Patrick Maguire couldn’t have asked for a better result, saying, “This has been an amazing year for us, many years of hard work are finally coming to fruition all at once and its fantastic to see Tasmanian single malt beginning to be recognised around the world.”

Sullivans Cove is available across Australia as well as the USA, France, Holland, Canada, the UK, New Caledonia, Singapore and Dubai.


I always wonder about the motivations behind ANY award, and there are so many awards in the drinks biz I always take each with an pinch of salt… after all we all should know by now that in big business there is no such thing as a 100% independent award.

But don’t mistake me; I’m not taking anything away from Sullivans Cove. The volume of chatter about them from multiple sources does suggest there product is good, and it does go some way to restoring my faith in awards. They have done an amazing job of winning this award.

With this award going to a small Tasmanian distillery outside of Scotland, one thing is for sure, Sullivans Cove business is going to go through the roof, or if they are not careful… down the pan.

If I were in ‘investment mode’ i’d certainly be thinking about Tasmania distillery, as well as the Irish start up Dingle.

One last thing:

Tasmania distillery, if you are reading this, please update your website. I don’t mean to be nasty but it look bloody awful, and it doesn’t reflect the gravitas of such an award winning brand.


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