Ghost Deer Beer Review – 28%

on Nov 18 in Beer by dan

Having recently returned from Belgium, I seen Ghost Deer Supersonic Belgian beer and it immediately caught my eye.

I loved the package, I loved the idea of bridging the gap between spirit strength drinks and beers, and above all I really liked the idea of trying something new and unusual.

I was so excited when It arrived I posted a photo from the train station from work:

Ghost Deer Picture on the way home

Ghost Deer Beer Review:

Before I start, its worth noting though I’ve yet to try it, I’ve already had my expectations lowered. However, I’m hopeful my friends misgivings will turn to nothing;

Brew Dog: Nice packaging, nice marketing… shame about the taste…

Paul Edworthy

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the Punk IPA, which Brewdog are best known for, but their other stuff like Trashy Blond, Dogma and Paradox Smokehead are great. However I do think this one will probably be “challenging”.

Here are a few other pictures I snapped on the phone:

Ghost Deer Packaging

Ghost Deer Box

On to the Review

First Impressions
It’s a copper/amber colour and smells quite mellow actually, which is a surprise for something so strong at 28%. The nose is of black forest fruits, dark malty beery biscuity goodness not ‘spirity’ at all. There is a treacle note in the nose too.

It’s oily and clings to the side of the glass for a long, long time.

As you can see in the picture I am fully set up for this tasting and so I’m going to try it three ways. Neat, with water, and with a cube of Ice. You might think that odd for a beer review, but I have personally found that exploring a drink this way often shows up more of the profoundly characters that lie within a drink.

Taste Neat:
The first slip is actually staggeringly good. I guess I had low expectations, but WOW, it’s smooth, sweet, and mellow.

It tastes of treacle and dark fruit with a bitter finish. There is a finish of dark stewed cherry like you might get on a black forest gateaux. This usually isn’t my cuppa tea (or Dram) but this really is quite good.

With Water:
If you add a little water ‘whisky tasting style’ the whole thing lightens up a notch. You get cream and coffee which is very pleasant discovery.

With Ice:
Ice sharpens the flavors from a mellow smooth drink in to a viscous flick knife of an experience. Ice brings the fruit flavors right to the front, you loose 100% of the viscous mouth feel and creaminess but the tip of your tongue will come alive with an explosion of bitter fruit that blows your mind. Totally unexpected!

Summary, Thoughts and Feelings

With stuff this strong, people ask “is ghost deer a beer or a spirit“, well I am here to tell you it is ALL beer, and delicious at that. Its not too strong and I could see myself serving a small class of this after a meal instead of a desert or a coffee. Ghost Deer would be quite the party piece as well as serving as a drink, it’s a gatueux and a coffee all in one neat little package.

Here are the Videos on Brewdog Ghost deer for a little more information:


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