Bruichladdich Whisky Dessert Meringue Recipe

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Alright People, so this is the simplest most awesome whisky desert i’ve ever made. You may remember a while back I created Whisky Baked Apple with Lemon, Ginger and Raisins, now this is a much simpler and easier to make recipe. Plus all you need is whisky, sugar and eggs.

Bored, got some eggs… have a go. That’s how I did it.

I first of all stole the recipe from here:


at the last minute or “Step 4″ as the BBC meringue recipe says, fold a table spoon of you chosen whisky per egg, into the mix.

This time around I went for The Laddie Ten Year Old, and after what seemed like an eternity cooking, they tasted Flipping Delicious. and the smell these things give off… amazing!

The Laddie Ten Year Old: Quick Taste Info

Dream fulfilled. Rich and assertive with that unique creaminess of the Laddie. The non chill-filtered spirit drifts serenely over the palate, warming the taste buds. It is going to linger with you as long as malts twice its age.

The mellow, oak sweetness is welcoming as are hints of bourbon and gingerbread, sherry and sultanas; and as they move on, there are the lighter, icing sugar-coated fruits. It’s fresh and frictionless, the texture of warm honey – then dry, crispy, malt barley; together with the oak they merge beautifully to cradle the lighter flavours, adding the strong pulse to our long awaited Laddie!


Easy to Make and Experiment With

Because this is SO easy to make, and because its quite cheap too, you can experiment with different whiskies and different amounts. Hell why not try to make your own ‘whisky meringue mix’ and serve them at your next whisky meetup and get people to quess which whisky it is?

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