Bowmore Small Batch Reserve

on May 13 in Islay, Scottish, Single Malt Whisky by dan

Following on from the Bowmore redesign news I posted earlier this year, here is some more bowmore news. It’s taken from a Bowmore press release about there new whisky… enjoy.

Bowmore is launching a new 40%ABV expression in the UK called “Bowmore Small Batch Reserve”.

Aged in 1st and & second fill bourbon casks, and married for an extended period of maturation, this expression is Bowmore’s most delicate and best balanced yet.

The combination of the Bowmore spirit and ex Bourbon casks is widely regarded as the perfect marriage as demonstrated by the layers of sweet vanilla that are said to live within this whisky. Bowmore Small Batch Reserve is available from May at around £30.

As Bowmore’s lightest and most delicate expression to date, Small Batch Reserve has been developed especially for the discerning whisky drinker wishing to explore the Islay Single Malt category.

Launched in response to increased consumer demand for limited edition, collectable and small batch whiskies, Bowmore’s new proposition is just that. Small Batch Reserve is vatted in restricted quantities and is created from a careful hand selection of North American Oak casks brought together to produce a unique expression.

First-fill bourbon casks offer vanilla sweetness, subtle spices and bourbon oak smoke to complement Bowmore’s gentle peaty smokiness, while the second-fill casks enhance Bowmore’s fresh fruity complexity and showcases its trademark honey and creamy malt character. During the marrying period, they combine to create an exceedingly complex expression.

Rachel Barrie, Master Blender of Morrison Bowmore Distillers, says:

Bowmore Small Batch Reserve encapsulates the perfect harmony of nature’s elements on a summer’s day on Islay. The sweetest smoked barley and highest quality bourbon oak casks have created a vanilla elixir with ripe orchard fruits, honeycomb and teasing wispy smoke. Relax, take it easy and enter Islay time with the harmonious taste of Small Batch Reserve.

Experience the delicious, if not unusual, combination of Bowmore Small Batch Reserve accompanied withsome high-quality vanilla ice cream drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkling of sea-salt. See how the vanilla ice cream brings out the sweet vanilla from the first- and second-fill bourbon casks, the olive oil complements the Bowmorepeat smoke, while the salt highlights the trademark Bowmore sea-salt tang.

Small Batch Reserve Tasting Notes:
Colour: warm gold
Nose: Breathe in vanilla fudge, sea air and peat smoke, balanced beautifully by honeycomb and cinnamon spice
Taste: Sip mouth-watering citrus, gentle saltiness and vanilla with flakes of coconut
Savour the wispy smoke, bourbon vanilla and lime finish


  • Gabi says:

    Tried the combination of Bowmore small batch reserve + Scottish vanilla ice cream + olive oil + a sprinkle of sea salt = a fantastic dessert!!

  • Tobias says:

    Are you taking the salt ground or granulated for the recipe?



  • AJCarpenter says:

    I had a bottle of Hines last Christmas and thought it the best until I had a bottle of this Bowmore small batch reserve for my birthday this month. I prefer my scotch with about one-third warm water, makes it more mellow. The cheaper one’s, more easily available on a small pension, with up to half warm water due to the burn, I buy at Christmas when I can get one-ltr bottles of bells, teachers,and famous grouse for £14-15.This year I will buy a dozen to last, I hope, the year.
    But ouch!I’m now frightened to drink any of this Bowman’s when it’s so gooooood I fear if I drink it I’ll not be able to afford to taste it again.
    Not having something so great after having enjoyed it is like fearing the loss of a very beautiful woman!!
    I suspect they don’t have Christmas special offers?!!

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