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Below we have an example of a whisky I can’t afford and a whisky I can’t get a hold of. Can you remember the episode of Top Gear where they reviewed 3 car’s, none of which you could buy? Well this is a little bit like that:

Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits have released two single casks of The Glenrothes whisky; cask numbers #3828 from 1979 and #9973 from 1996. To date, fewer than 12 single casks have been released by The Glenrothes; single casks are selected because of their individual personality and are considered a rarity.

In view of the worldwide appeal of single malt, four whisky editors from the USA, Taiwan, Germany and France were invited to make the first ever democratic selection of a cask of The Glenrothes. They visited Rothes specifically in order to select one cask in a blind tasting under the watchful eye of Gordon Motion, Malt Master. However, such is the ability of fine single malt Scotch whisky to arouse passion and debate that consensus could not be reached. The decision was taken, therefore, to bottle two casks, each with the approval of the whisky writers who had chosen them.”

1) Cask #3828, a refill butt from 1979 at 52.1%
2) Cask #9973, a Spanish oak hogshead from 1996 at 57%

According to Ronnie Cox, Brands Heritage Director; “I was delighted with the selections made and the arguments proffered in favour of one or the other. The assiduous quartet was far from concise in its debating. The experts split into two camps and agreed to disagree – a reflection of personal tastes and preferences but two outstanding casks nevertheless.

The Glenrothes Editors’ Cask #3828, distilled in 1979, 52.1% (£600)

Nose: Elegant, delicate but intensely complex. Discreet sherry notes in the back. Later citrus notes, marmalade and Earl Grey tea emerge.
Palate: Crisp with a silken texture. Seville orange and ginger spice.
Finish: Long, soothing with succulent marzipan. Beguiling complexity.

The Glenrothes Editors’ Cask #3828 will be available in Europe. Only 300 bottles are available at £600, €700 or $850.

The Glenrothes Editors’ Cask #9973, distilled in 1996, 57% (USA and Taiwan Only)

Nose: Rich, deep, oaky with tobacco leaf and molasses. Distinct sherry notes with dark chocolate, maple syrup, plums and orange.
Palate: Sweet but increasing in richness with dried fruit and plenty of oak.
Finish: Good length with coffee and warming, spicy complexity.

The Glenrothes Editors’ Cask #9973 is available in the USA and Taiwan. Only 264 bottles are available at $375 or NT$ 7,000.


So there we have it two utterly pointless Whisky’s which I am tempted to say are aimed at for the 1%, which unfortunately I am not, I am the 99%.

A tad dramatic, and probably misinformed I know, but I’ve been watching a lot of TV based around the global banking collapse and its playing on my mind recently and so I’m all butt hurt about not having hundreds and hundreds of pounds to spend on whiskies.

Unfortunately (for me) whisky is a business and the very best whisky goes to the richest people. I only hope that the person who can afford one of these bottlings truly enjoys it with a passion and gets a lot of enjoyment from it.

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