Glenfarclas and Face Ferrets!

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Glenfarclas Movember
It’s November again: the month were you may start noticing the odd commuter sporting a odd looking moustach, and thats a good thing, that means they are raising money by taking part in Movember.

The idea is the more silly the musache you can grow over the month of Movember the more money you can raise for charity. It sounds silly but the idea is going strong and certinly over the last few years we have noticed more and more people taking part.

So what does this have to do with MOM and Glenfarclas? Well, Master of Malt and Glenfarclas have got to gether and bottled a nice dram of 9 year old whisky taken from two Oloroso sherry hogsheads casks specially selected by George Grant (glenfarclas director of sales). The charity bit comes in when each bottle is sold all £10 profit goes to charity.

Both Master of Malt and Gelnfarclas are operating at cost only for this, so they are helping to riase money for mens health awareness, in particular testicular and prostate cancer. So get buying up.

Oh wait, didn’t I say how it tasted?

Bottled in Sept 2002 this whisky, ideal as an apreitif, and is said to be Intensly savory and nutty.

The liquid is dark and looks closer to ruby mahongany than yellow pine, it’s the darkest whisky i’ve seen recently. It has a nose I can identify with having tried the glenfarclas 15 sherry not long ago. Its 53% (cask strength) and has a strong nose to match. To smell it is nutty, toffee, cinamon spicey and hella sheeried. mind my nose is a little blocked today.

In the mouth its very savory indeed and a little powerful without a drop of water… Actually I am not going to review this any further (Ed. other than to say its good whisky) as I think its only fair for charity that if you want to know what it is like, you will have to buy your own!

Buy it here: Its for charity and you get a good Glenfarclas into the bargain.

If you don’t buy it you are not allowed to smirk at the handle-bared, face ferreted, moustachioed gents walking the street, which you will no doubt see by the end of the month; and you will miss out on what may become a bit of a collectable whisky.

On a personal note I believe a charitable nature to be a true indicator of a proper MAN and the art of manliness does also have a moustache guide. I will be purchasing a bottle ASAP.

You can read a much more thorough post about this at the Master of Malt Whisky Blog. Video’s, pictures and recipes are included on their page.

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