Master of Malt: Speyside (40%) Review

on Oct 13 in Scottish, Single Malt Whisky, Speyside by dan

I am going to out the elephant(s) in the room right from the get go:

  • This IS a gift from Masters of Malt, they are jolly nice to have sent us it to try. With no promises made!
  • It’s ‘no age definition’ which to me means young… Very Young!

However I am not going to let these facts cloud my mind while I partake in the MOM Speyside and try to enjoy it’s falvors and nasal entertainment.

The colour falls somewhere between honey and amber, its not incredibly dark, so we may be able to say its not heavily sherried or port finished, and obviously I am not expecting it to have spent a mammoth amount of time in quality Oak. But I am just blurting out words not having researched the whisky and not having even had a smell of it yet.

Suprisingly light sweet and toffee floral, very nice! It reminds me a little of cragnmore 12, and its very much in the Speyside tradition. I can smell vanilla from good bourbon oak and clementines with apricots.

The smell of this one does put me in a good mood. I really enjoy it when a sweet, lovely nose on a whisky can pick up your spirits and raise your anticipation of a lovely sip.

The way the whisky clings to the glass makes me expect oily, and these young un’s usually promise more in the nose than they can deliver in the body, but happily this doesn’t taste that young in the tongue, though it does pick up some heat on the way down, and feels a little ‘thin’.

Quite a gentle whisky, the speyside single malt is a little lacking in body weight, there are quite a few nice flavors which put in mind of the glen moragnie la santa I reviewed not so long ago, but not so smooth and with a dryer finish. Bitter orange sits along side Madeira and sherry falvors. The whole thing is a bit~… scatter brained though.

For a single malt it behaves more like I might expect a blend to. That’s not nessesarily a bad thing, but there is so much going on in this whisky that it leaves me thinking that the flavors are all pulling in opposite directions and viaing for attention rather than meld harmoniously into a smooth flowing thing.

Having said all that, It’s easy to drink and I’ve found I’ve finished my glass very quickly and I wish I had some more. I head upstairs to grab some Glenmorangie La Santa, pour a glass and try it next door to the MOM Speyside, the Glenmorangie is way better, but then again bearing in mind I have a wedding to pay for, the MOT is due and petrol prices are going through the roof… I might be tempted, maybe towards the end of the month to go for the £10 cheaper MOM speyside.

If I was skint, I might pick up a bottle. But I probably still wouldn’t. There is a lot of competition at this price range, and I’m not sure its the right place to pitching your own stuff. Especially not with postage charges meaning MOM Speyside No Age would be slightly expensive at £35 delivered. Just look at some of the whiskies you can get for less than £35 at tesco’s alone shows how stiff the competition is:

  • Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve Single Malt Whisky Aged 18 Years (700ml)
  • Dalwhinnie Highland Malt Aged 15 Years (700ml)
  • The Balvenie Signature 12 Year Old Malt Whisky (700ml)
  • Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Malt Whisky (700ml)

Unfortunately no name and no age means there can be no premium. Also unfortunatly for MOM the whisky business is slightly stacked in favor of the big boys, who can put out large quantities at low prices at a high quality too. So at this price, for me the Masters of Malt speyside doesn’t stack up.

Because it’s got no age statement and it’s from a secret, unnamed distillery, we can buy and sell these bottles at a unbelievable price considering the quality of what’s inside the bottle.

It’s only right to say, fair play to the people at MOM for trying this out, but the liquid just doesn’t taste good enough to for me at that price tag, and as much as I love Masters of Malt, this isn’t one i’ll be buying any time soon.

If you don’t believe me or want to challenge me on that, grab a sample and have a go. I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts and feelings in the comments, its all subjective after all.

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