The Little Book of Whisky Tips: Book Review

on Aug 12 in whisky Books by dan

Once upon a time Andrew Langley wrote a book called The little Book of Whisky Tips, and he decided it should be square and fit in the palm of a hand. Why? We can only have a wild guess as to why it is the size it is. As for why he wrote it? Well the synical man might say it looks bit like a little  ’cash in time’ thanks to the market of mini gift books you buy in what I call ‘Tat shops’; except this one doesnt seem to have the ubiquitous funny little twist or humours inferences…

I might sound like I don’t like this book already, and more so a bit of a scrooge, after all surely these little gift books are given as nice thought/gift, so I’m going to say “from that point of view ‘The little Book of Whisky Tips‘ is a good little gift“. But that is all it is. I’ve only been drinking whisky for around 4-5 months now, and there isn’t much new to me within the 50 tips.

If you are looking for deep insightful thoughts on whisky, look else where, but that leaves me thinking: Who is this book for?

…when you should buy this whisky book:

When you buy someone who isn’t really into their whisky a nice bottle and want to help them enjoy it in the best way possible. In that case this book may help because it’s a tips book for beginners enjoying whisky.

If I were feeling all misty eyed and sentimental I would imagine the contents of this book being passed down father to son like some bonding or coming of age ceremony, but in the real world perhaps that isn’t possible or even likely for most people. So if you want to help someone get into whisky from scratch then this may be a good way to go.

I’m not saying its BAD, what I’m saying is… “don’t expect anything more than the title promises”. All 50 tips are good and make sense, plus some of the tips wll make good small talk at a party.

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