Avoiding the Usual Array of Un-Inventive Fathers Day Whisky Tat?

on May 13 in Fathers Day by dan

fathers day whisky gifts hip flask

Its that time of year again, when fathers all over the UK are disappointed by the same old whisky gifts like some crappy cheap whisky, or a novelty hip flask and a shot some vague whisky piss water.

Luckily for anyone looking for some help choosing a whisky present, we have some advice and some recommendations on what whisky gifts to buy. Follow the following advice and you probably can’t go wrong… probably.

Cheap Whisky?:

If your dad, or partner if your kids haven’t got jobs yet,  is “INTO HIS WHISKY” then (trying not to sound ungrateful) they don’t want the cheapest whisky above the basic ‘value’ range you can find. You are better off buying them something else altogether if you cant afford a bottle of the good stuff (£30 min). Any less than that then you are better off thinking about a different type of gift like a nice Glencairn Whisky ‘nosing’ or ‘snifter’ glass.

Playing it Safe?:

The temptation can be just ‘play it safe’ and buy them a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 or Glenmorangie 10… now, really think about this; if they wanted this would they not just buy it themselves? Buying either of those for a ‘Whisky Nut’ is like buying a old man a comfy chair… he probably already has one and has had plenty before and is probably sick of them. That’s not so say they are the worst gift ever.

Final Thing to Consider:

If you want to buy him a branded hip flask or some other novelty item for fathers day, he will probably prefer a non-branded item, they are usually better quality and last longer.

But again  really think about this; What ever you get him, think, when will he use it? is he an outdoors-man? does he drive to his outdoor activities? or will it just sit in the sock draw until one day it gets chucked out, or ‘gets lost’ while moving house.

What We Do Recommend (without undue influence)

Dram Sets

Sets of miniature whiskies from a range of good whiskies.

With sets from £21 to £179 you can decide how much you love your father… and the good thing is you are pretty much guaranteed to get at least one whisky in there your dad will like, it will give him something to do as he researches each one and finds out all about it, and perhaps best of all they come already quite nicely presented.


Now I haven’t read many whisky related books, but a cheap one I have read is: 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die and one I’ve been recomended to myself is: Peat Smoke and Spirit.

Not a bad effort:

The Glenfiddich Limited Edition Tripack (3x20cl)

Some good whiskies at an ok 20cl size, with the interesting twist of music downloads to go with them.

You will really be buying the person an experience of drinking whisky to music, which will create an atmosphere that could enhance the experience. The problem is music is very subjective and you father might not like it.

Agree? Disagree? Can you do Better?

We have recommended two gift ideas here, if you come across any new creative or unusual gift ideas.. or indeed have your own, please let us know below.


As if to prove my point, when I visited my mother in Newcastle she offered me an old set of branded telescopic tumblers that used to belong to my now deceased step father. That were, and I quote, “found in among some old stuff at the back of a cupboard”.

Glenfiddich telescopic whisky tumbler
- My very own piece of fathers day whisky gift tat

Naturaly I took them with glee and big watery eyes, and I’m even now completely caught up in the dreamy moments of hedonistic novelty. The sad thing is that even now I know they will be a pain to maintain and will need drying immediately after washing, plus I have no place to display them… so they will be in the sock drawer soon.

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