You will never be as cool as single malt whisky

on Apr 30 in Pictures, Single Malt Whisky by James

Cool : An adjective referring to something that is very good, stylish, or otherwise positive. It is among the most common slang terms used in today’s world.

Being asked to write for  a lifestyle magazine on the subject of “single malt whisky” and “cool” has the potential to become one of the greatest can of worms I have ever opened. I am 32 years of age which to some is seriously not cool. I however am a firm believer that the older you get the more unintentionally cool you become.

I am a keen fly fisherman and therefore to a certain degree like to rock a certain ‘look’ while chucking the fluff. This look is carried through from the clothes I wear to the equipment I use. On a recent trip to the edge of Dartmoor fishing the upper reaches of a river with friends we started to discuss brands and gear over a pint of ale. Confident that we were achieving the right look, tweed, pipes, the complimenting shades of greens and browns a ‘real’ country gent announced himself.

Tweed breeks, jacket, waistcoat, plus twos, flat cap, beard, dog and pipe. This guy had just trumped us on so many levels but the worst part  was this; we could never be that cool. Why? He doesn’t TRY to be cool, he just IS cool. I am sure if you tried to tell him that he looked cool he would disagree whole heartily (which in itself is cool). He is just too busy being unintentionally cool to give a damn about whether to him he is cool or if other people think he is cool.

The cool in single malt whisky manifests itself in pretty much the same way. There isn’t a need for a single malt to worry about keeping up with the latest trends. After being crafted by some of the coolest guys on the planet it lays there maturing for many years. It’s distinct character defined by the very cask it is contained within. Never does the single malt have to prove or justify itself. It is what it is and never tries to be anything but. That is not cool, but single malt whisky cool.


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