Yoichi 12 Review

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In case you hadn’t noticed we at Whisky Times have acquired a taste for Japanese Whisky. It seems, having done some research that the main Japanese Brands to try are Suntory Yamaki, Yoichi, and Ichiro’s.

Google Yoichi and you get a variety of interesting things:

Yoichi Samurai

Nasu no Yoichi:

A Famous Samurai Warrior, apparently quite the marksman.

Yoichi Sai:

A Japanese film director and actor whose exploits include directing the film “The Pig’s Retribution”.

Asu no yoichi

Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi:

A Japanese Manga series concerning a young gentleman learning the ways of “Ukiha Divine Wind Style Swordplay” and dealing with some issues along the way, I imagine.

And then there is…

Nikka Yoichi Malt Whisky

This bold and distinctive single malt whisky was distilled and matured at the Yoichi distillery in Hokkaido, birthplace of Nikka Whisky. The Yoichi distillery continues to adhere to techniques such as the use of coal-fired pot stills, and otherwise remains loyal to the whisky-making traditions dating back to it’s foundation.

yoichi whisky
Now that’s more like it! That’s what I was looking for. With great enthusiasm I went to masters of malt and bought the 10 and 12 years and waited by the letter box.

I tried the the 10 not expecting much, and was rewarded with not much in return. But hey that was the Yoichi 10 years old and this is the Yoichi 12 review.

Yoichi 12 review

This 45% japanese whisky has traveled a long way (roughly 6003 miles), all the way from japan to Ealing, and then from Ealing to Devon. Luckily it still has plenty of nose from the medium dark liquid.


Initial impressions are of sweet earthy notes and cheery fruits in a full smell. There is a little peat and vanilla in the nose and It is a more sweet, full fruity, smell than anything else. With just a hint of peat and vanilla fudge to make it smooth. Awesome.


Having smelled this and got my taste buds tingling at the prospect of the whisky the first hit of flavour with a nose full of fumes it mainly…. smooth, warm caramel, red apples and light peat in a nice finish… much better than the 10 years old, more refined and delicate, still with a little too much warmth though. Add only a little water and that is sorted.

With water: smooths of the mouth feel to be thinner and makes it a little less firy to drink.

Yoichi 12 review Conclusion

I would not pay 70 quid for this. Not because I couldn’t afford it, but because it is just not a £70 whisky. Had this been made in the UK I think they would struggle to sell it much above £40. It is just not that refined or different enough to warrant the price tag. It is disappointingly average. To get this standard of whisky I would spend £40 on whisky, Buy a DVD of “The Pig’s Retribution” and a copy of Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi and get my Japanese fix that way instead!

NonJatta Has also done a review on this you can read that at: http://nonjatta.blogspot.com/2007/05/yoichi-12.html

The Same has Nonjatta I am giving Yoichi 12 years a review score of three bottles of Doom out of five.
Yoichi review score

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