The Balvenie Signature 12 years (40%)

on Apr 08 in Pictures, Scottish, Single Malt Whisky by James

Spring has just sledge hammered it’s way into April. Twenty two degrees centigrade out of nowhere caught the majority of us by surprise including myself The sudden change in temperature got me thinking about reaching for the lighter, fruity whisky and stowing away the belly warmers for the 2am camp fire huddles. With change in season comes change in the climate in which we enjoy whisky.

Being a keen fisherman the Spring, Summer and Autumn months means I put in a serious amount of bank time. I spend a large part of my spare time (if not all of it) balls deep in mother nature and her piscatorial wonders. It begins to make you realise what a a stupendously beautiful part of the world some of the best whisky on the planet gets made in. Babbling brooks, mighty granite, unpredictable weather, passionate people and the preservation of master crafts. Hells yeah.

Pretty cool yes, but what is even more amazing is how our whisky is enjoyed and loved throughout the globe. I was searching twitter and came across a tweet posted by The Brooklyn Label saying “we <3 Scotch. Just got a Balvanie Doublewood 12 year. YUM!”. Checking out their website I quote “At the core of The Brooklyn Label’s business model is the belief that if you inspire people with music, connect with their aspirations and humanity, people will support the music. To that end, hearing is believing!”. Incredible core values, even more so when you think about how a single malt all the way from Scotland can / might have played a part in these guys vision and mission to influence and unite people through music. Can I get an even bigger Hells yeah.

What does The Belvenie Signature 12 smell like?

Rich. Smokey and fruity. Honey with floral notes and hints of the sherry coming through

What does The Belvenie Signature 12 taste like?

Very smooth. Perfectly balanced blend of sweet vanillas, honey and fruits finished with a gentle puff of smoke’n'oak.


A relatively complex but very mellow whisky. Flavours and aromas are a little nervous to announce their presence at first, but with each taste and smell they grow in confidence. Very easy to drink. Not hard to see why Balvenie is a firm favorite all over the globe. David Stewart, Balvenies master of malt and all round legend.

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  • dancave says:

    Balls deep in nature and her piscatorial wonders? Nice, ‘balls deep’ in nature and all things fishing related…

    To me summer and whisky means only one thing, Scottish loch’s, camping and and a tour of the distilleries. Ideally the smaller, most crafty ones.

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