Suntory Yamazaki 18 (43%)

on Apr 01 in Japanese, Pictures, Single Malt Whisky by James

My beautiful wife was on business in London recently and happened to be a couple of doors down from the Whiskyshop. I received an excitable phone call from Carolyn informing me about the shop and asking if I would like a small gift! Without any thought and hesitation I asked if she could pick me up a bottle of Yamazaki 18. The guy in the store was intrigued about how I had discovered the Yamazaki brand, fate or fluke their last bottle of fine Japanese single malt was making its way to the South West. In the words of Kris Akabusi “Awoooga”.

Before moving on I would like to say a big “fuck you” to the media and how irresponsible they have been on reporting the Japanese earthquake. Particularly the Fukushima nuclear plant. Unquestionably I cannot even begin to describe how hard the people of Japan are working to contain the problem in the quickest and safest way possible. But for the media to draw similarities between Chernobyl, Out-of-date nuclear fuel technologies and fear of global fallout is idiotic. A recent news broadcast used library images of Mushroom clouds while spouting continuous unqualified bullshit. It is disgusting how something as powerful as the media can be allowed to report in such an uneducated ‘improvised’ way. My thoughts and feelings go out to the people of Japan.

Back to this incredible whisky…

What does Yamazaki 18 smell like?

Like the Yamazaki sherry cask this is fantastical, the smell is delicious. Rum and Raisin ice cream, Log cabins, and hints of smoke.

What does Yamazaki 18 taste like?

Hmmmmmmmm…..hmmmmm……hmmmmmm….ohhhhhhh…hhhhhhmmmmm. Bloody hell. This is one of those whiskies that has a complex and eclectic mix of flavours. While many other whiskeys hit you with everything at once the coming and going of flavours in this bad-boy is timed to perfection. Sherry, Rum, Raisins, Oak, Smoke, Fruits, Sweet, Sour the list goes on. It is incredibly smooth and when drunk with water, ice or straight up you will keep coming back to experience the wonderful world found in this bottle.


This whisky represents everything that we know as the great nation of Japan. This Yamazaki 18 speaks (or tastes) for itself.  Modest and exquisitely crafted. While none of the distilleries in Japan were damaged during the recent earthquakes they are nothing without the passion and master skills of the people. I like to think that everyone who has had the opportunity to taste this whisky will wish Japan a speedy recovery and that this knowledge they possess is passed down to the next generation of master distillers.


  • Dan says:

    Chris akaboosi dunked on me has a child. The shame!!! At least he didn’t awoooga me. Nice fella actually.

    I’ve git to agree I paid for a double of this whisky and found it to be full rich worth the dollar.

  • James says:

    Ok , you’ve got me intrigued about Japanese Whiskey, what would you recommend as a starter?

    • James says:

      The Yamazaki 10 or 12. Although the difference between the 12 and the 18 / Sherry Cask is huge. The 10/12 are a lot sweeter / fruity. Something you would drink casually rather than strapping yourself in and going for an epic ride. Just go balls deep and get the 18! :)

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