Whisky Baked Apple with Lemon, Ginger and Raisins

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Try this delicious whisky based desert recipe on for size.

You need to do a day’s preparation, but it isn’t difficult and you don’t need much effort to make it on the day.

Whisky Baked Apple Ingredients

What you will need – ingredients:

4 x Apples – any old apples
1 x bottle of decent whisky
1 x Pot of runny honey
1 x Bag of raisin’s – a mug full for 4 people
1 x Lemon
1 x small piece of ginger (optional)
1 x cinnamon powder (optional)

What to do – aka 10 steps to heaven:

1. Put 3/4 of a cup of raisins and enough whisky to cover them and some Honey into a bowl
(optional). Add some ginger to the bowl and some cinnamon
2. Mix that all up until the consistency is less sticky and more runny.
3. leave that in the fridge overnight until the raisins swell up with whisky and honey


whisky baked apple

4. Core the apples and stick them into a baking dish
5. Stuff the raisins into the apples
6. pour the whisky honey liquid onto the apples
7. Pour extra honey on top of those and down the middle of the apples, and stick a slice of Lemon on top of each too.
8. Cover with foil
9. Cook at 180 for a hour to an hour and a half
10. Serve them apples with some of the honey juice drizzled around a plate.

Which whisky to use? Probably not your best whisky for cooking as the honey and raisins add a lot to the flavour, and certainly nothing peaty like Bowmore. I recommend trying to find something nice and spicy and fruity. I just used The Glen Moray classic I reviewed recently.

Try using different whiskies and see how much difference they make if you are bored.

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