Special Sang Som Rum (40%)

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sang som rum

Sang Som Special Rum

As I am starting to write this blog it as an equal mix of whiskies, beers and rum reviews!

By way of explanation, I have a massive passion for all things alcohol that are out of the norm, in fact I run a beer blog, make my own homebrew and often search out a good pub just for its quality of booze. I can often be heard kicking off at the larger boys about drinking flavourless, weak drinks that are made at the lowest cost possible. And most often being ignored. So this blog will probably end up a bit of an eclectic mix of MOSTLY whisky reviews but with the odd unsual spirt, beer or drink.

Indeed as I write this I am considering reviewing a bottle of Daas Beligan Amber beer and some Greman Heffewiese. Soon I have the daunting task of reviewing the scary Glenfiddich 12 yrs old. I have grown up with a grandfather, father step father and just about every other major older male infulence has drank it before me so perhaps that I will leave that for another day.

Anyway On with the Sam Song review.

Sam Song Review

The bottle is one passed down to me by my father after a game of poker I lost spectacularly to my brother and a few friends. At the time is seemed like an extra punishment pilled ontop of the shame of losing a game. The bottle is dirty the label faded it just terrible. But many years later the punishment is starting to look like it could turn out to be a gift as it has grown intriguing and it now peaks my interest as an oddity and something unusual.

I actually bought a bottle of this when I travelled to Thailand but it was cruelly taken from me at European customs, and probably enjoyed by some EU customs basta… rant rant rant!

Lets hope it doesn’t kick me in the face.

Sang Som’s ‘Nose’

Ha! The damn bottle is so old I need to use a knife to open the top as is just spins otherwise.

But boy oh boy once it finally opened, it doesn’t smell of turps! it smells instead of delicious sweet, warm, coconut and soft sugarcane rum. I don’t now how rum is made particularly and smelling that oh man I don’t even care. Whatever magic has been done to make Sang Som special rum. My nose just made a new friend.

Sang Som Special flavor

It pours straw yellow/gold, and once it is in the glass the alcohol vapours start blasting at you like a machine gun. Its amazing the change from the bottle neck nose to the smell you get from a glass… the heavy boozy vapour sits in the glass and the aroma floats higher above the drink, quite odd.

To taste its very rough and boozy! But with that it has a very strong flavor. it actually tastes like it is dangerous to drink with one too many Fusel alcohols though it doesn’t actually look oily.

If you want a kick in the teeth and a warm belly with lots of natural tasting rum goodness… you cant. Well not from my bottle its because its 10+ years old and damn near a family heir loom. Maybe try to get some new less rough stuff. i get the feeling quality control wasn’t at the top of the list of priorities when they made this. but that doesn’t matter to me, I love this bottle because of what it is, and because it takes me back to Thailand with every slip and links me back to the day playing poker with my brother and my father.


  • James says:

    Sounds filthy. I want to try it

  • Ryan says:

    Love it went to Thailand and I have finished my bootle how do I it a bootle in aus

  • rowan says:

    you can find SangSom in the UK now – any online shops sell it :)

  • wonsick choe says:

    what is a literal meaning of ‘sang som’?

  • John says:

    2=song and 3=sam.

    ‘Sang Som’ is just a brand name.

    Good piece dan – certainly piqued my interest, as I think you’ve summed up the appeal of Sang Som well.

    It’s a real nostalgia booster if you’ve ever been to Thailand, but let’s face it, no classic drink is ever consumed via straws from a bucket. ;)

    When I first visited Thailand 25 years ago it was ‘Mekhong’ whisky which was the ubiquitous national favourite. Whilst Sang Som is a little rough around the edges, ‘Mekhong’ was real rocket fuel.

    Sang Som has now supplanted Mekhong in the nation’s affections to such an extent that the latter distiller has now gone out of business.

  • Fatt M says:

    The label on the bottle is staring you in the face. So how can you possibly excuse spelling “SangSom” wrong over and over again? What a joke of a “website”.

    • dan says:

      I don’t have to excuse anything Fatt M; I write the blog posts as a pass time and as I please. If I cant be arsed to proof read my whisky lubricated typing then I won’t; the majority of my readers don’t mind, and seem to actually enjoy the offbeat and unusual nature of my writing. Since starting the blog, I’ve been rewarded and recognised for my work by some of the highest standing members of the whisky industry, so I’m pretty pleased with my “Joke website”, particularly as that is how it started in the first place; a bit of a laugh between two friends.

      It might also make you mad to know that I also get other stuff wrong too, for instance I call Lenovo laptops ‘Levonos’, and I call the”Navionics charts” I use on my yacht ‘Navonics’ because I misread it the first time and couldn’t be bothered to change. However most people know what I mean and don’t bother to correct me, or just have a laugh with it. So why not join them and be a little less serious; Don’t be a troll, put your energy into something more productive. I’m only replying because I’m waiting for a train to Lisbon and have little else better to do; though I should no better than to feed a troll.

  • Jen says:

    Just stumbled across this piece. You describe Sangsom perfectly!
    This is my all time favourite drink and it certainly does bring a real nostalgia for Thailand.
    I would throw out all my clothes and fill my suitcase with the stuff if it wasn’t for those pesky customs officers.
    What I was wondering though, is if there is a drink sold in UK stores that has a similar taste.
    I’m yet to find it if there is.

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