Macoucherie pure sugarcane red rum (40%)

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I am a big fan of anything Rum related. As spirits go it’s a great all rounder for cooking, deserts, mixers, straight up glugging and using the casks to finish single malts. The taste for rum soon became known amongst the family and my super awesome mother-in-law recently acquired a bottle of the Macoucherie pure sugarcane Rum for me to try.

This Rum is from the Shillingford Estate out near Salisbury on the west coast of Dominica. The method hasn’t changed since pre-war.

  • Grow sugarcane
  • Crush sugarcane in water-wheel powered machine
  • Add yeast
  • Ferment
  • Distill over coconut husk fueled fire
  • Age in various casks
  • Put in plastic bottle (maybe this bit has changed!)

The fact it comes in a plastic bottle, it was aged in a burnt cask barrel and Red Rum spells out “Murder” backwards¬† I started to think hard about whether I should be drinking this or using it to degrease engines.

What does Macoucherie Red Rum smell like?

Macoucherie pure sugarcan red rumYou are never quite prepared, there is an overwhelming smell of sugarcane and Alcohol. Almost sickly. However, if you take a few more long and hard sniffs it is really quite pleasant. The initial “holy crap” fades allowing the smell to alternate between the sweet sugarcane and burnt wood.

What does Macoucherie Red Rum taste like?

A hell of a lot better than it smells. It is incredibly sweet but there are distinct hints of spice and wood. The sugarcane flavour comes in waves. It is a mad drink but somewhat surprising.


I like it. In fact it is awesome. The plastic bottle, the initial holy crap smell, the flavours, the way it was made. Everything about the drink makes it a great conversation piece, a true novelty item to both own and enjoy with friends. I can see why they produce so much of this stuff.


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