Glenfiddich 21 Caribbean finish (40%)

on Mar 11 in Pictures, Scottish by James

I have a lot of time for the Glenfiddich brand. They have really nailed the concept of what a modern single malt whisky should be. Their no-nonsense easy to understand range is accessible and enjoyable by all. No matter where you look on the scale each individual whisky is exceptionally well rounded and balanced. If you are a complete novice, a connoisseur or just don’t really care there is something for you.

Having tasted the 12,15 and being overwhelmingly impressed with the 18 the 21 was the next stop on my whisky tour. I was looking over the little booklet that comes with Glenfiddich bottles and saw the 21 was finished in a caribbean rum cask. I am a BIG rum fan. It slowly began to dawn on me; single malt, aged 21 years, Rum cask finish….HOLEEEE SHEEEET.

Internet, debit card, 2 days later, BOOM – Glenfiddich 21 rum cask finish in my sweaty palms.

What does Glenfiddich 21 old smell like?

Like I have died and gone to a heaven. I am swimming in a rich and dark golden river of whisky. A gentle warm breeze is wafting the scent of ripe bananas just fallen from the trees. Ebony skinned angels offering me plates of figs, toffees and all that is sweet and fudge like.

James…JAMES…huh what? oh sorry, yeah it smells awesome. On different occasions I get Banana, Chocolate, Fig, Fudge, and hints of the rum coming through.

What does Glenfiddich 21 old whisky taste like?

For me it’s pretty much perfect. Vanilla, Spice and with nice hints of smokey oak. The rum flavour is there but doesn’t dominate. It is incredibly smooth with a beautiful warming finish. A perfect blend, balance and timing of flavours.

Because of the Caribbean theme I conducted an experiment by eating a load of Jerk chicken and then trying some. The whisky turned the moderately spicy burn in my mouth up to 11, but in a good way. I had now fallen from the Caribbean heaven and landed in a giant habenero pepper. Yeaaaaaah up or down, I don’t mind where I go.


As a Rum fanatic I am Mr Bias of Bias Avenue, Greater Biasville. This is one of the best single malts I have tried. It is a further step up the price ladder at £70 but wow. I am not sure who wouldn’t enjoy this. I give this a gagillion out of ten.

In addition, I just love the concept of combining the experience / events / flavours of “classic” beverages. If you love rum, port, sherry, or whisky then combining them to form the Optimus Prime of the drink world is a no brainer. The possibilities are endless.


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