Aberlour 10 years old single malt (40%)

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After a long day at work, moving home and cleaning the bath I am suitably ready to smash some whisky. But which super market bog standard to go for? Mmmmm….. the speyside Aberlour single malt 10 years old? Yes that will do for CBA whisky choice.

To be honest its one of a few surprises to be found in Tesco at this price and a good whisky for a new to whisky lad like me. Especially at the supermarkets suicide prices. I got this one from Tesco. I am starting to buy online for better more expensive whiskies, but for a basic everyday whisky to even just make cocktails and Hot toddies from Its just fine.

What does Aberlour 10 years old smell like?

The nose is licorice and vanilla to me though aberlour themselfs say:

The dry, fresh, fruity aromas of early autumn apples and pears are subtly enhanced with sweet notes of vanilla and mint toffee.


What does Aberlour 10yrs whisky taste like?

There is little to no peat in the speyside abelour whisky. The flavour for me all lives right the close and has elements of vanilla, raisins and molasses. parently ablour is metured in a mix of oak, bourbon and casks and ex-sherry butts. aberlour themselfs say:

Spicy-sweet nutmeg and honey combining with the freshness of autumn fruits


Ok its a little rough and ready, cheap and cheerful if you will, but its 1000 times better than bells and goes really well with salty nachos.

The missus likes it though with with a lot of water so its a double safe bet for me. We both agree it makes a fool out of Jura 10 which is in a similar price and age bracket.

It seems Glen moray (a much better choice in my opinion) owned by Aberlour at one point but now it would seem Aberlour whiksy os owned by Pernod Ricard since 1975. In 2002, a new, modernized visitor centre was opened aparently according to wiki.

If you want to go and see them the have a couple of distillery tours where im sure you can try some of the better stuff.


Its an ok whisky for a beginer in the cheap super market. it makes for a good quality mixer for cocktails and for cheap whicky to knock back its pretty good.

for £17.69 I would have the Glen moray though and pocket the change to save for a really nice bottle.

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